At our Band Camp events, all sites are first come first serve but ultimately decided by our camp host. For the best odds of being placed next to your friends, please arrive as early as possible and arrive together. While we cannot take special requests or hold sites, we will always do our best to accommodate our guests.

Our address is 14216 Ice House Road, Pollock Pines, CA 95726.

Robbs Resort does not run a restaurant or store. Food offerings vary by event; please refer to specific event details for food offerings.

Refunds will be available if your plans change, but please note, the refunded amount will be 80% of the original purchase total to cover our administrative costs and processing charges. We will only provide refunds up to 2 weeks prior to the start of the event.

The recreation area surrounding Robbs Resort is rich with off-road opportunities. There are no legal trails directly connecting the Resort to surrounding approved riding areas, therefore, OHV use within the RV park is not permitted.

Bicycles are permitted on gravel roads. Bicycles are not permitted on any concrete surfaces or in the main entertainment area.

Free guest WiFi is available in and around the lodge. This service should not be relied upon for any data-intensive activities.

Robbs Resort does not have cell service, however, you can get it about 1/4 mile away at Cheese Camp Road.

Due to our location along with guest safety concerns, wood-burning fires are not permitted. As such, we do not provide fire rings. Propane fires are acceptable so long as a fire extinguisher is located within 10 feet of any open flame device.

There are no shower facilities available. Robbs Resort brings in a sufficient number of portable restrooms and hand washing stations that are regularly serviced throughout the property for all events.

  • Some people love dogs, and some do not. Please respect your neighbors and keep dogs on leash and picked up after at all times. Robbs Resort has a zero tolerance policy related to dogs off leash.
  • Pets are not allowed in the main entertainment area.
  • All pets are to be kept inside at night and are to never be left unattended.
  • All pets must be licensed with current vaccinations.
  • Robbs has sole discretion when any determination is made. By California law, you are strictly liable for any injuries caused by your pet.

Robbs Resort does not have any cabins or RVs available to rent.

Robbs Resort does not provide parking for those headed to the Rubicon.

As an off-grid location, there are no electrical hookups to any sites. Most sites have water hookups; if you do not get a site with a water hookup, there are water-fill locations on site for use.